Chroniker Press books are original and insightful inquiries into the spiritual humanities from a variety of positive perspectives.

Chroniker Press welcomes submissions from new or established authors who have a ms. that meets the foregoing criteria. If you wish to submit such a ms., please ensure that it also meets the following guidelines:

In addition to the criteria above your submission should indicate to which of the following genres it belongs: practical philosophy, self-esteem, New Thought, studying and education, futurism and technocracy, metaphysics and spirituality, alternative health and living, poetry. If your book does not fit into any of these genres but you still believe it should be considered by us, please tell us why in an accompanying letter.

Please ensure that the ms. is an original English language work to which you own the copyright.

The ms. is approximately 45,000 or more words in length, double-spaced, and is legibly typeset in 11 or 12 pt. font.

All submissions must be double-spaced and able to be printed with a two inch margin on all sides. If the submission is accepted, you must have an electronic copy of the work available to send to us in a standard format. We will not retype any submissions.

Submissions must be emailed. Please use the contact form to obtain our email address. Include a brief description of the work.

All submissions that comply with the foregoing criteria will receive a reply. Please allow up to 6 months. If your submission is accepted, the reply will include our standard publishing agreement. Please sign and return the agreement together with an electronic copy of the submission if required. The publishing agreement must be signed and returned by mail.