By: Seten Tomh

UR PoemsDedicated to Lucina, the ancient Roman goddess of childbirth, UR Poems is a fire that breaks out of the secret depths of the earth, divided into four moments: psyche or ‘soul-breath’; sol, illumination; dhamma, truth or law; and eros, desire. These thirty poems are bittersweet, rank, penetrating, angry, and luminous enunciations of delusion, illusion, oppression, repression, meditation, and joy. UR Poems is the spontaneous and effortless product of the prying mind and heart in the tranquility of pure contemplation purified by suffering and rage, spiritual food for nourishing the body, manifesting the strength of spring. In nature we see in the sky the strong light of the sun. The variety of these poems, strong and abiding like mountains, is made pleasing by a lucid beauty. By contemplating these poems we come to understand the changing elements of the time, making it possible to shape or reshape the world. Each poem is a bindu drop that falls from the mouth of Shiva, the patron saint of yogis, portrayed with a crescent moon (lucina, from lux, lucis, ‘light’) in his hair, both poison and nectar of immortality. Like his ancient and noble namesake, Seten calls for a revolution of the mind, enthusiastic, ecstatic, and erotic.

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